We are these people, and these are our short biographies and links to places like our websites and things.

Photo - Dr Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller

Dr Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller is a Lecturer in Digital Humanities at the Centre for Digital Humanities Research at the Australian National University, and a working ontologist. Her research is focused on the potential of Linked Open Data to support and diversify research questions in the humanities, and her spare time is pretty much dedicated to Skyrim.

ORCID 0000-0002-0688-3006
Twitter @tmtn
Photo - Dr Daniel Bangert

Dr Daniel Bangert is the Scholarly Communications Librarian at UNSW Sydney. In this role he works on services for publishing, open access, open data, and eResearch. Daniel is also a musicologist whose research interests include performance science, music psychology, and Baroque music. He is National Secretary of the Musicological Society of Australia. In his spare time he enjoys travelling and listening to jazz.

Dr Daniel Bangert is a Scientific Manager at the Göttingen State and University Library, working on European projects related to open science. He is the Göttingen project lead for Research Data Alliance Europe 4.0 and contributes to OpenAIRE Advance. He holds qualifications in information management, music performance and musicology.

ORCID 0000-0003-4981-2870
Twitter @enigmaticocean

We would like to acknowledge our colleagues Alfie Abdul-Rahman from King’s College London, and John Pybus and Dr David Weigl from the Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford, for their insights. We would also like to thank Professor José Antonio Bowen, President of Goucher College, for making the Body & Soul data available.