Body & Soul

The Body & Soul data was mapped to an ontological structure of eight distinct classes, and 21 properties. Where possible, the structure of the Music Ontology, and those ontologies linked to it (Event and Timeline) were used. To see the scope notes defining the classes, hover your cursor over the class in the diagram.

The prefixes used in the diagram are as follows:


The prefixes used in the diagram are as follows:

Detail of subsection of WJazzD ontology showing jcv:solo_info and jc:melody


LinkedJazz maps interpersonal relationships between people, who are mapped as instances of foaf:Person.

The prefixes used in the diagram are as follows:

RDF from Linked Jazz

We ingested the data-dumps into the JazzCats triplestore. In doing so, some issues were encountered:
  • An error in the URI for Martin Luther King Jr., found in both the people.nt and linkedjazz-relationships.nt. The string ``Jr.'' was changed to the DBpedia URI.
  • Entities in people.nt are not defined as instances of a class such as foaf:Person as might be expected (based on Pattuelli et al.). As a result, the RDF could only be linked to the other projects' data at instance-level, rather than entity type. To solve the problem, we added an earlier Linked Jazz dataset, the Linked Jazz Name Directory, to the triplestore. []
  • There is some ambiguity regarding individuals in people.nt. This is clear from the rdfs:comment associated with both and [``He is a dentist, can't find a website for him.''@en]