You can access the JazzCats data through two different interfaces: Pubby, and our SPARQL Endpoint.


Pubby image

Pubby is a Linked Data interface that allows you to navigate through the RDF knowledge graph using the so-called "follow your nose" method. This means you can transverse the underlying graph from one point to another, discovering relevant information along the way, by simply clicking on a URI (or link) in the Pubby interface. Using Pubby means that you don't need to write SPARQL to access the information. Access our data through the Pubby interface here.

SPARQL Endpoint

JazzCats data can be queried using our SPARQL endpoint. We have provided some sample queries on this page, which you can just copy-paste into the endpoint and run.

Alternatively, if you're new to SPARQL, but fancy learning it, perhaps have a look at these two tutorials on the Programming Historian: Introduction to the Principles of Linked Open Data and Using SPARQL to Access Linked Open Data.

For those of you more confident with SPARQL, we have provided documentation about the underlying ontological structures to help you to write queries for our data. If you have any questions, notice bugs, or encounter any issues, please drop us an email. All feedback, comments, and bug squashing are much appreciated.

Try out JazzCats SPARQL Endpoint using some of the sample queries below.

Sample Queries

Performances in a swing style, recorded in London:

Trumpet players that made a recording of Body and Soul with a pianist, performed in the key of Db:

Artists who played with Roy Eldridge and made a recording of Body and Soul in New York:

Recordings of Body and Soul by artists with a connection to Roy Eldridge: